1. A GOOGLE search alone should retrieve most available information on the internet. 

An article dated April 21, 2018 by techlog360.com noted that even if you combined the results of Google, Bing and Yahoo, you still only access approximately 4 % of internet.

  1. When a Facebook profile is fully secure, there is no other way to legally access content.

There are several legal methodologies to access Facebook content associated to a secured profile.

  1. What kind of information can be located online?

The results can be limitless as to what kind of information is available online whether combating fraud, conducting a background or due diligence review.

  1. Is the use of open source reliable?

Open source intelligence commonly referred to as OSINT, is a reliable component of the fact-finding process for law enforcement and government agencies globally.

  1. Why should I use the recognized experts of W3 Intelligence Research Group for the collection of relevant information?
  • As experts, our staff are able to locate information in a legally defensible format. We are faster, more thorough, and report it in an off-line digital version.
  • Our secure search process leave no online identifying traces.
  • We are an independent third party who is objective in the collection of content.
  • We offer our clients time to focus on their key duties knowing they will receive true, accurate and complete products and service.
  • All online content is collected by recognized experts with professional designations adhering to standards exceeding those set by our industry adding significant value to our services and products.