Social media and open source research is the primary source of intelligence for government agencies, military organizations and law enforcement. This internet content has also proven to be a valuable resource of information for businesses in making informed decisions, as well as helping protect their corporate assets.

Having recognized gaps that exist in the service offerings of our competitors,  W3 Intelligence Research Group has developed powerful research and intelligence gathering resources to support our complex search methodologies. These new industry benchmarks now sets us apart as global leaders in the location, preservation and presentation of information and intelligence that are simply second to none.

All evidence gathered by W3 Intelligence Research Group provide verification of authenticity of information using Four independent sources for each item of intelligence collected. This is great news when authentication of information is required for litigation, arbitration or other urgent matters.

In addition to our ongoing commitment to growth in open source and social media investigations, we continually strive to build onto our infrastructure with new processes and technology in order to be on the cutting-edge of combatting crime and it’s ties to our clients.