Open Source and Social Media Intelligence

Capturing some of a person’s social media profiles is never enough. Profiles using a variation or alias are often missed and undetected by traditional manual searches. When background information is needed to mitigate a loss or risk, our automated processes both locate and authenticate a person’s social media profiles using unique personal identifiers. 



Information found online has grown enormously and continues to do so minute by minute. The internet is intricate with great depth beyond traditional searches using Google, Yahoo and Bing. It requires complex search methodologies employing effective strategies and resources by trained Investigators and Analysts. This is done in a fashion that permits the location and validation of information that is undetectable so not to alert the person being researched.


Actionable information that is often located may include:

  • Business/website ownership
  • Affiliations to sport teams and schedules
  • Affiliations to various volunteer groups and associations
  • Online classified ads offering services or items for sale
  • Blogs (sites)
  • Message boards (sites and forums)
  • News (sites)
  • Reviews (sites and authors)
  • Videos (sites and authors)
  • And more 

A comprehensive information product that consists of the location, collection and documentation of social media profiles associated to people, groups/organizations and companies along with intelligence gathered from other open sources.

Each Advanced Social Media and Open Source Research report is supported by electronic based information consisting of text, images and/or video that is supported by a comprehensive data citation (chain of custody) accompanied by an endorsed certificate attesting to both the researcher’s and information’s authenticity in support of legal court matters and arbitrations.