Claims expenditure is the single leading cost to an insurance carrier. Effectively managing claims is a critical element of preserving the fiscal well-being of the carrier. Servicing underwriting, claims, SIU and legal; our research offers effective preparation for Discoveries, Mediation, Trials and/or enhancement of field surveillance activities.

Our plaintiff research and digital tracking is fast, accurate and cost effective. Having all of a person’s social media profiles affords the ability to search the full picture to determine the validity of a claim as well as the extent of a claimed injury including:

  • Evidence of past and current events the subject has attended during claim
  • Notation of events the subject is interested in attending while on claim
  • Photos of physical activity the subject has participated in
  • Evidence refuting a psych claim for anxiety, stress or depression disorders
  • References to any employment or unclaimed income
  • and much more


Other areas social media assists insurers and legal include:

While in and following a natural disaster, monitoring social media may provide insight to the most affected areas in order to efficiently deploy loss mitigation and recovery resources.

  • Providing information that could disclose instances of increased risk and enable insurers to suggest safety measures that could minimize or even avert losses.
  • Data that can also assist insurers uncover changes in coverage that may warrant updates for instance home renovation projects that require builders’ risk insurance.